Fish Hunter báaxal Ocean King 3 Plus Master of The Deep

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Improved difficulty that reaches Level 50

High Profit Fish Hunter Game

Be configured as a 2~10 player game

High Quality 3D Graphics with More Fish Characters

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How to Play Fish Hunter Game Ocean King 3 Plus Master of The Deep

The aim of the game is for players to use their guns and its three settings – normal, accelerated and aim for the target – to catch as many fish as possible within the time frame of the game.

In Fish Hunter Game Ocean King 3 Plus Master of The Deep, there are different fishes to catch, all of which are worth different point values. Players increase their point scores by the number and value of fish they capture during games.

The main Ocean King Plus: Master of The Deep gameplay is layered with features and mini games. These are important to use as they give players a higher chance to earn more points and in turn, the potential to earn more winnings.


The features in Fish Hunter Game Ocean King 3 Plus Master of The Deep include:

The UnicornBoss

When a player catches The Unicorn swarms of unicorn will fly across to catch everything on the screen.

Mermaid – Boss

Catching the Mermaid can summon eight waves of the Mermaids to attack all the fish in the sea.

This gives you a chance to multiply your win.

Smash Hammer Crab

Catching a Smash Hammer Crab shoots lightning down and across the screen killing characters flying around.

Super Bomb Crab

Catching a Bomb Crab will trigger the chained bomb attack in a wide explosion.

It may give players a chance to help catch fish within.

Laser Crab

You will get one shot using a laser beam for a limited time.

Breaking Drill Crab

When a Breaking Drill Crab is caught it fires drills, penetrating the area and may have a chance to catch the fish.

The drill explodes after a while, and may also give you a chance to catch the fish within the explosion range.

Roulette Crab

Golden Roulette is a bonus game. You press the SHOOT button to stop the roulette.

The bigger the roulette number, the higher the score.








Game Description
NEW Fish Hunter Game Ocean King 3 Plus Master of The Deep
This is a fast paced, exciting, 2~10 player fish hunting game that will keep players coming back for more. The non-stop action features special weapons, swimming dragons, and a large variety of different sea creatures. Players can adjust how many points they want to spend with each shot. Using a joystick to aim their weapons, players try to capture sea creatures. Captured sea creatures give the player points based on the shot value. Larger creatures take more shots. Multiple players can shoot at the same creatures, but only one player will get the points. A cooperative and competitive game all in one.


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1.Top game software R&Mulix ka fabricación ti' China
2. Customized high holding profitgame software
3. Gabinete báaxal lujo ka'anal calidad personalizado
4. Le yik'áalil k empresa báaxal jump'éel múuch'meyajil chen, ki'ichpam wíimbala', Bey brillante, procedimientos yáax xook, hardware fiable, ingresos estables, Ka' túumben yéetel ti


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Q: Product warranty?

Un: Respaldamos le ma'alobil k yik'áalil yéetel repararemos wa reemplazaremos je'el producto defectuoso debido a u defecto le fabricante. U u ts'áabal u ti' máax ku le bix técnico yéetel k'áat chi'oba' yilik ka' yaanak ma'alob, Béet chéen le meyaj ku serie le producto utia'al u k tsa'ayal confirmar k'áalak maano'.
Le tablas báaxal: 12 wi'inal yilik ka' yaanak ma'alob ichil k'áalak maano'.

Q: Ba'ax je'el in personalizar leti'ob cháak wa gabinete?

Un: Sure, please tell us the idea and we will do that for you. And provide you software service.

Q: Buka'aj dura le plazo k'u'ubul?

Un: Ku jach u 1 u 3 k'iino'ob(kits báaxal)/57 k'iin(Gabinete cháak) wa le mercancías táan ti' stock. wa ku 5 ti' 7 k'iin wa le mercancías ma' táan ti' stock, Jach ti' le cantidad.

Q: What is your terms of payment?

Un: Wire payment, Western Union, Unionpay and Pay in Alibaba( credit cards accepted )
Payment<=5000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=5000USD, 50% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment.
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