Báaxal kaaye' Ocean King 3 Plus Buffalo Thunder

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Improved difficulty that reaches Level 50

High Profit Fish Game Gambling with Holding 5%~50%

Be configured as a 2~10 player game

High Quality 3D Graphics with More Fish Characters

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How to Play Fish Game Gambling Ocean King 3 Plus Buffalo Thunder

The aim of the game is for players to use their guns and its three settings – normal, accelerated and aim for the target – to catch as many fish as possible within the time frame of the game.

In Fish Game Gambling Ocean King 3 Plus Buffalo Thunder there are different fishes to catch, all of which are worth different point values. Players increase their point scores by the number and value of fish they capture during games.

The main Ocean King Plus: Buffalo Thunder gameplay is layered with features and mini games. These are important to use as they give players a higher chance to earn more points and in turn, the potential to earn more winnings.


The features in Fish Game Gambling Ocean King 3 Plus Legend of the Phoenix incluír:

1. Buffalo boss
When the Buffalo is successfully hit, the chain will be thrown out to catch it and it will enter the Struggle Mode. During the struggle, every smash caused by the Buffalo will net more points. If the Buffalo is caught it will start a more furious attack and the player will win a higher prize.

2. PhoenixBoss
When a player catches Phoenix swarms of phoenix will fly across to catch everything on the screen.

3. Mermaid – Boss
Catching the Mermaid can summon eight waves of the Mermaids to attack all the fish in the sea.
This gives you a chance to multiply your win.

4. Smash Hammer Crab
Catching a Smash Hammer Crab shoots lightning down and across the screen killing characters flying around.

5. Super Bomb Crab
Catching a Bomb Crab will trigger the chained bomb attack in a wide explosion.
It may give players a chance to help catch fish within.

6. Laser Crab
You will get one shot using a laser beam for a limited time.

7. Breaking Drill Crab
When a Breaking Drill Crab is caught it fires drills, penetrating the area and may have a chance to catch the fish.
The drill explodes after a while, and may also give you a chance to catch the fish within the explosion range.

8. Roulette Crab
Golden Roulette is a bonus game. You press the SHOOT button to stop the roulette.
The bigger the roulette number, the higher the score.

Game Description

Báaxal kaaye' Ocean King 3 Plus Legend of the Phoenix promises hours of intense competition among the players thanks to its seemingly endless power up, incredibly unique characters, and destructive weapons. From Mermaid and Mystic Dragon Power up to Fire Storm boosters, the players will love the hidden rewards in this game. Some of our favorite characters and weapons include:

Blazing Phoenix: Swoops across the screen to provide the owning player with generous bonuses

Fire Dragon Turtle: Spins across the screen to capture fish and offers players with thousands of bonus coins

Vortex Fish: Creates a powerful vortex in various areas of the screen to destroy any nearby fish

Laser Beam: Shoots a wide, powerful laser across the screen to destroy any fish in its path

Super Bomb: Bounces across the screen creating powerful explosions for maximum point scores

Smash Hammer: Produces a powerful blast that clears any and all characters on the screen


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1. Topgame software R&Mulix ka fabricación ti' China

2. Customizedhigh sosteniendo software lucrativgame

3. Gabinete báaxal lujo ka'anal calidad personalizado

4. Le yik'áalil k empresa báaxal jump'éel múuch'meyajil chen, ki'ichpam wíimbala', Bey brillante, procedimientos yáax xook,hardware fiable, ingresos estables, Ka' túumben yéetel ti

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Plazo k'u'ubul : 1520 k'iin ti' le k'áak'náabo'

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Q: Can I develop my own game board through TAS?
Un: Yes you can! TAS offers development services. Simply give us your ideas and we can accommodate your requirements. Yaan yaan xan ya'abach mínimas u pedido asociadas yéetel le opciones ma'alo'ob. Contact us for pricing and time line associated with development of the gambling game.

Q: What is the warranty of your product?
Un: Respaldamos le ma'alobil k yik'áalil yéetel repararemos wa reemplazaremos je'el producto defectuoso debido a u defecto le fabricante. U u ts'áabal u ti' máax ku le bix técnico yéetel k'áat chi'oba' yilik ka' yaanak ma'alob, Béet chéen le meyaj ku serie le producto utia'al u k tsa'ayal confirmar k'áalak maano'. Le tablas báaxal: 12 wi'inal yilik ka' yaanak ma'alob ichil k'áalak maano'.

Q: Can the PCB board failure be repair? How long will it take to get it repaired and the necessary cost?
Un: If it is within the warranty period and the damage is due to non-human factors, then it is still entitled for the warranty benefits. If it is more than the warranty period, we will notify you for the necessary cost for the repair and maintenance as soon as possible. Give us 3-7 working days to have it repair (excluding shipping time).

Q: How can we solve if we cannot successfully install the board and encounter technical issues?
Un: You can refer to the enclosed product manual and wiring instruction upon purchase.We will always provide online assistance if necessary.

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