The types of fishing machines

The fishing machine is the carrying platform for fishing games. In the market, it is generally divided into a fishing machine for four people and a fishing machine for six people. Players can play in multiple modes face to face and experience the thrill of fishing in a variety of different scenarios. So, what types of fishing machines are there?

1. Fishing is infinite type:
The type of this fishing machine appeared earlier. It mainly includes fish and fish infinite fishing machine, fisher fishing machine, double-headed shark fisher, double-ringed penguin fisher, double-ringed fisher, double-ring crocodile fisherman, double-red crab Fishing machine, crazy fishing and fishing machine, very good fishing machine, chasing fish and fish machine, door sand fishing machine, Shenlong legend fishing machine, net fishing machine, double-headed turtle fishing machine, Three-color crocodile fish machine, angry fish fishing machine, dragon treasure fishing machine, fish to fish net and so on.

2. Fishing world type:
This fishing machine has fewer machines. It includes fisherman world fisher, three guns, three nets, three sharks, fishermen, pirate ships, fishermen, etc.

3, super fishing machine type:
This fishing machine include: perfect fishing game machine, enjoy fishing and fishing game machine, happy ocean fishing game machine, marine breakout fish game machine, silver shark send fish game machine, golden turtle ocean Fishing game machine, one net fishing game machine, dragons to the sea fishing game machine, similar bomb fishing game machine.

4, double-ring fishing machine type:
The machines included in this model include: two-way dragon fishing game machine, double-headed shark fish game machine, double-ring crocodile fishing game machine, two-way mermaid fishing game machine, double-sounding penguin fishing game machine, double-ringing red crab playing Fish game machine, double-sound horseshoe crab game machine, double-tube fishing and fishing game machine, crazy fishing and fishing game machine, etc.

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Post time: 2019-07-06