Lauk Game Shooting Mesin Aladdin Adventure


Program Anti Curang
Dijamin Kualitas Kerja Dijamin
Colokkeun sareng Maén Pikeun Gampang Masang
12 Garansi Bulan / Pangropéa saumur hirup


Majestic Genie
Release Magic Power!
Extra Huge Big Win!

Prince Aladdin
Crazy Adventure With Prince Aladdin!Make your business bigger than bigger

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Immersive sweepstakes reels slot game experience!!Incredible Hd graphics and a ton of free spins!Amazing!!

Your Favorite Casino Games — On the Go!

We know you love the traditional fish game tables found at your favorite arcade. But what if we told you, you could have access to your favorite fish table games right from your mobile device? Over 1,000 of the hottest games. Experience gaming on a whole new level, with a variety of classic fish and games. You’ll always find your favorite games here! Whether you’re an avid fish/slot game player or you own a fish/slot game table at your place of business.


The game was created to provide players with the same interactive and engaging experience they would get from playing their favorite fish games at a local arcade. Play whenever you’re in the mood for friendly competition with other online users and show off your skills to earn rewards!


  1. Q1: What is your hottest games and could you develop games for me?

A1: All the Ocean King games are hot, especially the latest ones such as Aladdin Adventure, Zombie ngahudangkeun, Buffalo Thunder, Golden Legend Plus etc. As original game developer, we have a R&D team of 100+ engineers. And our factory could also manufacture game cabinets. So we could develop game and customize cabinets for you.

  1. Q2: Your fish game holding is adjustable?

A2: Our holding could be as high as 50% while IGS is just 30%. And you could adjust it in the setting page. The lowest is 10%. With our holding, your margin is higher.

  1. Q3: How fast can I get the game board and cabinets?

A3: we send separately the game board and the cabinets. Game boards are sent by air with DHL, Fedex and UPS which takes 3-5 days. Cabinets by sea takes 30-40 days.

  1. Q4: Can I get warranty?

A4: The warranty is 1 year (except for manual damage) and we provide lifetime technical support.

  1. P5: Naon Pilihan Kabinet Kaulinan Sadia?

A5: Kami nawiskeun kabinet gim anu béda pikeun nyocogkeun sareng setting sareng ruang permainan. Sababaraha lomari diulas kami kalebet 2/4/6/8/10 pamaén.

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