Earn Duit Lauk Table judi Zombie ngahudangkeun Fishing Game Mesin pikeun diobral

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4K display screen
Multiplayer setup
Koin Dina / Koin Kaluar , Koin Dina / Tiket Panebusan Kaluar, Bill Acceptor / Thermal Printer, Sistem Kartu Tanpa Kas

Program Anti Curang
Dijamin Kualitas Kerja Dijamin
Colokkeun sareng Maén Pikeun Gampang Masang
12 Garansi Bulan / Pangropéa saumur hirup

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Urang Sunda&D STRENGTH

We has a strong R&D team, which is roughly divided into the following three categories: planning post, art post, and programming post, with a total of 100+ people. They are all highly educated and professional technical staff who all either have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or rich experience in game work.




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