Риболовачка аркадна игра Оцеан Кинг 3 Плус бесна ватра

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Побољшана потешкоћа да достигне ниво 50
High Profit Fishing Arcade Game with High Holding
Може конфигурисати као 2 ~ 10 играча игра
Висок квалитет 3Д графика са више риба Ликови

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Пishing Arcade ГАМЕ Ocean King 3 Плус бесна ватра

How To Play Fishing Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Плус бесна ватра
Циљ игре је да играчи да користе оружје и његове три подешавања - нормално, убрзан и циљ за циљ - да ухвати што више рибе могуће у року од игре.
In Fishing Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Raging Fire there are different fishes to catch, сви који вреде различите вредности тачака. Играчи повећају своје тачке резултате по броју и вредности рибе су ухватили у току игре.
The main Ocean King 3 Plus Raging Fire gameplay is layered with features and mini games. Ово је важно користити као дају играчима већу шансу да зарадите више бодова и заузврат, потенцијал да зарадите више добитак.

The features in Fishing Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Raging Fire include:
1. Raging Dragon – газда
When the Raging Dragon is successfully hit, the chain will be thrown out to catch it and it will enter the Struggle Mode. During the struggle, every smash caused by the dragon will net more points. If the Raging Dragon is caught it will start a more furious attack and the player will win a higher prize.

2. Blackbeard’s Ghost Ship – газда
When a player catches Blackbeard’s Ghost Ship swarms of Ghost Ships will sail across to catch everything on the screen.

3. Poseidon – Boss
When the Poseidon is caught several waves of Poseidon attacks will help the player catch as many fish as possible.

4. Голден блага & фире Олуја

5. Фаст бомбе & ласер Краба

6. лигхтнинг Ланац & рулет Краба

7. Супер бомба Краба & тхундер Змај

8. вортек риба & Бушилица Краба


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Q: Can I develop my own game board through TAS?
A: Yes you can! TAS offers development services. Simply give us your ideas and we can accommodate your requirements. There are minimum order quantities associated with development options. Contact us for pricing and time line associated with development of the gambling game.

Q: What is the warranty of your product?
A: We stand behind the quality of our products and will repair or replace any product that is defective due to manufacturer’s defect. When contacting technical support with warranty questions, please give the product serial number so we can confirm date of purchase. The Game Boards: 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

Q: Can the PCB board failure be repair? How long will it take to get it repaired and the necessary cost?
A: If it is within the warranty period and the damage is due to non-human factors, then it is still entitled for the warranty benefits. If it is more than the warranty period, we will notify you for the necessary cost for the repair and maintenance as soon as possible. Give us 3-7 working days to have it repair (excluding shipping time).

Q: How can we solve if we cannot successfully install the board and encounter technical issues?
A: You can refer to the enclosed product manual and wiring instruction upon purchase.We will always provide online assistance if necessary.

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