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Your Favorite Casino Games — On the Go!
We know you love the traditional fish game tables found at your favorite arcade. But what if we told you, you could have access to your favorite fish table games right from your mobile device? Talk about convenient, non-stop fun! The V-power App offers an innovative approach to accessing fish/slot games anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re an avid fish/slot game player or you own a fish/slot game table at your place of business, we believe you’ll love the convenience of downloading our app to play at home or to offer your arcade guests a different way to play their favorite games.


The V-power App was created to provide players with the same interactive and engaging experience they would get from playing their favorite fish games at a local arcade, only with the added convenience of being able to play anytime, anywhere. The V-power App can be downloaded on both IOS and Android devices. Play from your phone or tablet whenever you’re in the mood for friendly competition with other online users and show off your skills to earn rewards!



How To Download

Step 1: Open our website (https://www.vmight.xyz/#/download/index) with the internet browser on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android).

IOS Devices:
Tap the button in the top right corner that says “DOWNLOAD”
Select the “click install” button.
Tap “install.”
Go to your phone’s settings and open “Device Management.”
Select Shenzhen Foresight and choose “Trust.”

Android Devices:
Click the button in the top right corner “DOWNLOAD”
Install V-power.apk.

Step 2: Open the V-power App on your mobile device and input your user ID and password to log in.

Step 3: Enjoy playing your favorite games on the go with V-power App!



ق: Can I develop my own game board through TAS?
هڪ: Yes you can! TAS offers development services. Simply give us your ideas and we can accommodate your requirements. گهٽ ۾ گهٽ آرڊر مقدار موجود آهن ترقياتي اختيارن سان. Contact us for pricing and time line associated with development of the gambling game.

ق: What is the warranty of your product?
هڪ: اسان پنهنجي پروڊڪٽس جي معيار جي پويان بيٺا آهيون ۽ ڪنهن به شي جي مرمت يا ان کي تبديل ڪنديون جيڪا مصنوعي طور تي خرابي جي ڪري خراب ٿي وئي آهي. جڏهن وارنٽي سوالن سان ٽيڪنيڪل سپورٽ سان رابطو ڪيو وڃي, مهرباني ڪري پراڊڪٽ سيريل نمبر ڏيو ته جيئن اسان خريداري جي تاريخ جي تصديق ڪري سگهون. راندين جا بورڊ: 12 خريداري جي تاريخ کان مھينو وارنٽي.

ق: ڇا پي سي بي بورڊ بورڊ جي ناڪامي مرمت ڪرائي سگهي? انهي کي مرمت ۽ ضروري قيمت حاصل ڪرڻ لاءِ ڪيترو وقت لڳندو?
هڪ: جيڪڏهن اهو وارنٽي جي دور ۾ آهي ۽ نقصان غير انساني عنصر جي ڪري آهي, پوءِ اهو اڃا تائين وارنٽي جي فائدي لاءِ اهل آهي. جيڪڏهن اهو وارنٽي دور کان وڌيڪ آهي, اسان جيترو جلدي ممڪن ٿي مرمت ۽ بحالي لاءِ ضروري قيمت تي مطلع ڪنداسين. اسان کي ڏيو 3-7 ڪم ڪرڻ ھن ڏينھن آھي ان جي مرمت ڪر (شپنگ وقت کانسواءِ).

ق: جيڪڏهن اسان بورڊ کي ڪاميابيءَ سان انسٽال نٿا ڪري سگھون ۽ ٽيڪنيڪل مسئلن کي منهن ڏئي سگهون ٿا ، اسان ڪئين حل ڪري سگھون ٿا?
هڪ: You can refer to the enclosed product manual and wiring instruction upon purchase.We will always provide online assistance if necessary.

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