Guangzhou وقت-جاء انيميشن ٽيڪنالاجي ڪمپنيء, Ltd., located in China with over 20 years’ experience focusing on research and development, production and sales.
We make Ocean King Fish Game series with high holding and get more profit.
Over 500 customized versions of Fish Game, Bet Game and Slot Game. We sell all over the world and bring more money to the customers.

اسان جي ڪمپني جون شيون منفرد منصوبابندي ڪنديون آهن, beautiful image, پهرين درجي جي طريقيڪار, قابل اعتماد هارڊويئر, مستحڪم آمدني, نئين ۽ بروقت اپڊيٽ, won the many praise from market .

Our company always adhere to theintegrity-based, customer firstprinciple, has a strict standard of the quality. At the same time, the company provide comprehensive, efficient and timely after-sales service to all of our customers to ensure that our customers buy without worries and use without complains.

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