Fish Hunter Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm

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Improved difficulty that reaches Level 50

High Profit Fish Hunter Arcade Game

Be configured as a 2~10 player game

High Quality 3D Graphics with More Fish Characters

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Fish Hunter Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm

How to Play Fish Hunter Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm

Fish Hunter Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm is a fishing game that allows up to 10 players to hunt for fish. Players can join in the Fish Hunter Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm fun at any time there is an open player panel. The player controls include a joystick to aim their guns at the various fish on the screen. The “Choose Weapon” button allows the player to choose what kind of weapon to use to catch the fish. The higher the point value will increase the weapons strength allowing the player to catch more fish. There are five different types of Crabs that will either increase the number of fish caught or will give the player bonus points. There are plenty of bonus rounds and features that keep everyone hunting.

Brand New Smash Hammer Weapon
All new characters — the boss Poseidon, the Mystic Dragon, and new Crab Monsters
Compatible with fish tables that are designed for 4, 6, 8, or 10 players
The features in Fish Hunter Arcade Game Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm include:

Poseidon – Boss

When the Poseidon is caught several waves of Poseidon attacks will help the player catch as many fish as possible.

Smash Hammer Crab

Catching a Smash Hammer Crab shoots lightning down and across the screen killing characters flying around.

Super Bomb Crab

Catching a Bomb Crab will trigger the chained bomb attack in a wide explosion.

It may give players a chance to help catch fish within.

Laser Crab

You will get one shot using a laser beam for a limited time.

Breaking Drill Crab

When a Breaking Drill Crab is caught it fires drills, penetrating the area and may have a chance to catch the fish.

The drill explodes after a while, and may also give you a chance to catch the fish within the explosion range.

Roulette Crab

Golden Roulette is a bonus game. You press the SHOOT button to stop the roulette.

The bigger the roulette number, the higher the score.

Game description
Almighty Octopus – The Almighty Octopus is a vengeful sea creature. Its enormous tentacles will reach across the entire screen and catch each fish in its hideous clutches.
Ancient Crocodile – Catch the Ancient Crocodile and you’ll be witness to a massive croc swimming across the screen. This huge crocodile will swallow up an ample number of fish and other sea creatures, which means you’ll collect an equally ample number of points.
Darkness Monster – Darkness Monsters, when caught, will attack every fish and sea creature from the screen’s center. Keep in mind the Darkness Monster will attack multiple times.
Emperor Crab – If a player is skilled enough to catch the Emperor Crab, every fish on the screen will be blitzed by numerous Emperor Crabs which enclose upon them as they circle the screen. It’s a sight to behold.
Fire Dragon – One of Ocean King 3 Plus Poseidon’s Realm’s best new features is the Fire Dragon, which slinks across the screen every now and then during gameplay. If a player catches the Fire Dragon, it trips a series of intense explosions, which captures every single fish on the screen.
Poseidon – the main boss, the big baddy, the villain of villains. Poseidon himself can be caught in this fish hunter game. Once that occurs, expect a few waves of attacks from the main man. Whoever was lucky enough to take Poseidon down will reap the benefits of Poseidon helping them catch a healthy number of fish.

How to play Ocean King Fish Game Machine

Product Description
The parts of Ocean King Fish Game Machine include:
1. Game Kits
Stability program PCB main board. Connector available options: VGA, DVI, HDMI. Anti- Cheater I/O board. Intelligent Decoder
2. Operating system
ICT bill acceptor work for US dollars 1-100, other type bill acceptor such as: ICT tao, TK series all can work for our game software
ICT thermal printers use for ticket out
Mutha Goose and Gaggle System, Cashless Card system install are available
3. Wires
High quality copper wires to make sure all are connected properly and safety
Heavy duty, long lasting board edge connectors
High quality, durable wires and ends
4. Joystick & Buttons
ABS plastic and solid alloy construction. Very rugged construction
Spring return to center. Made with highest quality materials
Polycarbonate lens cap for optical Clarity. Heat resistance plastic
Micro-switch reliability tested to 10,000,000 Cycles

5. Cabinet Inside
Suitable circuit layout. Very easy to change or upgrade accessories

R&D Office

Available Games For Fish Game Machine


Our Advantage
1. Top game software R&D and manufacturing in China
2. Customized high holding profit game software
3. Customized top quality luxury game cabinet
4. Our company’s products play unique planning, beautiful picture, brilliant appearance, first-class procedures,reliable hardware, stable revenue, new and timely update


Packing & Delivery
Delivery Time : 15~20 days via Sea



  1. Q: What is your hottest games and could you develop games for me?

A: All the Ocean King games are hot, especially the latest ones such as Aladdin Adventure, Zombie Awaken, Buffalo Thunder, Golden Legend Plus etc.As original game developer, we have a R&D team of 100+ engineers.and our factory could also manufacture game cabinets.So we could develop game and customize cabinets for you.

  1. Q: Your fish game holding is adjustable?

A: Our holding could be as high as 50% while IGS is just 30% and you could adjust it in the setting page. The lowest is 10%. With our holding, your margin is higher.

  1. Q: How fast can I get the game board and cabinets?

A: we send separately the game board and the cabinets.Game boards are sent by air with DHL, Fedex and UPS which takes 3-5 days.Cabinets by sea takes 30-40 days.

  1. Q: Can I get warranty?

A: The warranty is 1 year (except for manual damage) and we provide lifetime technical support.

  1. Q: What is the payment terms?

A: Full payment via Alibaba and your money is protected by the Alibaba payment system, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your payment.

Q: Can I customize the own game or cabinet?

A: Yes, you can! TAS offers game/cabinet development services. Please give us your ideas and we can satisfy your requirements. There are minimum order quantities associated with development options.

Q: What Gaming Cabinet Options Are Available?

A: We offer different gaming cabinets to suit virtually any setting and game room. Some of our featured cabinets include 2/3/4/6/8/10 players.

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