Fishing machine’s fishing skills

The fishing machine is one of the most popular game consoles on the market. The fishing machine can accommodate multiple people at the same time and is divided into four-person and six-person machines. Players can hit the fishing guns to the various fish in the picture to get the corresponding reward. In the game, in addition to fishing scores, you can also catch super weapons, fish, pearl boxes, etc., so that players enjoy more fun.

Fishing machine fishing skills
1. Xiaoguang fish
Score: 1 point / article.
Red and yellow small light fish, appear in groups, easy to capture. Beginners like to use him to practice. Of course, many times, he often blocks bullets for big fish. Therefore, many fishermen are also respected.
2. Small yellow croaker:
Score: 2 points / article
As the name implies, the color of this fish is yellow. They appear in groups and are easy to capture.
3. Angelfish:
Score: 4 points / article
Its shape is like a triangle, and it has the characteristics of a tropical fish. White and black, the parade is slow and easy to capture.
4. River squid:
Score: 7 points / article
It is fat, furry, and round. It is a bit like a puffer fish when it swims. Suddenly grow bigger and slow down.
5. Clownfish:
Score: 10 points / article
The clownfish is brightly colored, red and white. It is particularly attractive to fishermen. Because his fish score is good, it is also a better fish.
6. Squid:
Score: 20 points / article
It is slender, black and yellow, and the parade is fast, acting alone and in the fish.
7. Sequoia:
Score: 30 points / article
The whole body is red, the shape is well-proportioned, and the posture is smart. Although he is small and has a good score, it is not easy to catch it.
8. Turtle
Score: 40 points / article
The tortoise crawls slowly, but swims fast in the water, his cute look, casual attitude, and its good score, the difficulty of attack. It is a favorite of fishermen, especially female fishermen.
9. Lantern fish:
Score: 50 points / article
His score is half that of a shark, which means that killing him is equivalent to killing half a shark. His name is a lantern fish because there are roots of tentacles on the fish head. It is also considered a nobleman of the seabed fish. Of course, carrying the identity of the nobility, so the appearance rate is very low, and the fish body is red. The legendary tentacles are his biggest weakness, so the fishermen must pay attention to aiming.
10. Devil Fish:
Score: 60 points / article
His appearance is the same as his name, paying attention to the strange looks, flat body like a bat, and the fish tail is slender. This fish swims fast, and its score is second only to sharks. It is hard to catch.
11. Sharks:
Score: 100 points / article
As the top of the fishing game food chain, its defense is extremely strong. But his score is also very attractive to players. Playing sharks has become the dream of all fishermen.

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Post time: 2019-07-01