The Fish Table Games CIRCUS!New Arrival!

The Fish Table Games CIRCUS!New Arrival!

A fish table game is an excellent way to enhance your club, bar, or gaming facility. They provide the same feel and nostalgia of a classic arcade-style shooter but in a modern form with updated video game entertainment to enhance the overall player experience. Most of these operate like fish shooting games where multiple players interact by trying to catch or shoot as many items, characters, or creations as possible. They are incredibly popular in casinos around the world because of the ease of play and high reward potential.


Latest Fish Table GameCIRCUS

As a leading game board manufacturer, we are proud to announce our latest productCIRCUS. In the same grand style of fish table games, our players are invited to explore different levels and challenges, but with the theme of a circus.

This latest gaming development uses clowns and other circus-style imagery to thrill players of all backgrounds. People love clowns because they make us all laugh, and we genuinely enjoy watching them cause a mess of a situation. Placing them in the fishing game would be a very satisfying experience for players. Read on to get more information about CIRCUS;

  • Features of CIRCUS

This fish table game is dominated by the image of a clown while you explore a circus setting. All around this clown is activity and rich graphical interactions of different elements, features, and gaming integrations sure to captivate any audience and keep them playing longer. That includes a wide variety of floating fish.

  • How to Play

The goal of CIRCUS is to shoot as many clown shells around the screen as possible. You are targeting different fish floating around the screen and the central clown figure. Each fish has a different level of reward, and the more you hit, the more you earn. Players will learn to target those fish with the highest rewards as the most challenging element of gameplay.


What Makes CIRCUS a Fascinating Fish Table Game?

There are so many elements to this fish table game that set it apart from other options. Not only do you get vibrant playable features, but there is a particular playful trip down memory lane with those welcome aspects of a circus everyone loves. That adds a recognizable setting that players will intrinsically appreciate and want to explore. With this new fish table game, you get:

  • Novel Theme

Take players back to a simple time when a company of acrobats, clowns, and other entertainers would captivate audiences worldwide using death-defying performances and laugh till you drop shows. The circus is a beloved tradition many of us remember as children and carry that same emotion into our adult life.

  • Strong Playability

Our fish table games are a combination of skill and interaction. They combine the classic arcade-style shooter with engaging visuals that move around the screen and entice players with exponentially rewarding prizes the better they do. There are no complicated rule systems to remember. Simply put in your fee and begin to have fun.

  • Exciting Reward Mechanisms

Fish table games are an excellent option for casinos because players get an exciting experience that builds up to a high potential ultimate prize. That dopamine hit ensures more time spent on the game to win and achieve greater success. By including smaller fish with lower reward potential, you provide a pathway to win something each time a player sits to enjoy this circus-themed fish table game.


The Benefits of Working with us

Since 2009, we has been a valuable partner in the development and production of quality fish table games throughout the gaming industry. Clients can choose from a variety of interactive and highly themed game models to choose from or opt for a more customized service aligned with their casino’s branding and story.

Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong, a hotbed of activity in the gaming world. This allows us to see the latest developments from our competitors so we can create cutting-edge solutions for clients all over the world. To learn more about our exciting new CIRCUS fish table game or schedule a consultation for your own customized fish table game solution, reach out to our expert team. We look forward to building something new just for you.

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