King Of Treasures Plus Fish Game Machine High Holding Avec Jackpot

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W79" D55" H30" 300KGS
55dans l'écran d'affichage 4K
8 siège configuration multi-joueurs
Coin In / Out Coin , Coin In / Out Ticket Redemption, Bill Acceptor / Imprimante thermique, système cashless carte

Programme de lutte contre Tricher
Qualité de travail garanti garanti
Plug and Play pour une installation facile
12 mois garantie / Entretien à vie


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Profitable fantastic fish game!!
If you’ve never experienced the joy of playing fish games,
then we’ll warn you now, these games are addicting!King of Treasures Plus is a fishing game that allows up to eight players to hunt for fish. Players can join in the King of Treasures Plus game any time there is an open player panel. The player controls include a joystick to aim their guns at the various fish on the screen. The “Choose Weapon” button allows the player to choose what kind of weapon to use to catch the fish. The higher the point value will increase the weapons strength allowing the player to catch more fish.

There are four different types of Crabs that will either increase the number of fish caught or will give the player bonus points. King of Treasures Plus also has a Vortex Feature that captures all of the same species into a Vortex, as well as a Lightning Chain feature that will trigger a Chain to catch more fish. There are plenty of bonus rounds and features that keep everyone hunting for more fish.

We can provide King of Treasures Plus in three different ways. We can sell as a game only with the I/O board, as a game with a complete 8 player harness or as a complete game in an eight player cabinet that comes with a 55 inch LG monitor. Our harness comes with the best quality joystick you can find on the market.

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